What We Offer

Our charity offers a choice of four different services to older people in need of support. 




We offer a FREE daily morning telephone call to any older person who feels that they need the reassurance of someone checking to see if they are ok and having no difficulties.  Our volunteers make morning calls 365 days a year to any older people who feel this service would help them at home. If the telephone call is not answered after three attempts, we contact a family member or friend to ensure that the older person is alright and not in any distress.


The Visiting Service is for socially isolated older people who as a result of circumstances are not able to leave their home and have requested a visitor. All our volunteers are formally vetted and approved to carry out these visits. We try to match the older person with a volunteer visitor who may share the same interests. This is a great way to build new friendships and stops the older person feeling lonely or isolated at home. A visit can contribute to an older person’s sense of wellbeing.


If an older person is unable to get to their local library but would like to continue to get library books, we have volunteers who can collect their book selection from the library and deliver the library books to them in their own home.  They can also return the books to the library at a later date.

Getting access to these services can make the difference between an older person having a good day or experiencing a long and lonely day.