Our Work

Why Our Work Is Needed


There is strong evidence that loneliness and social isolation can have a major impact on people’s health and wellbeing. The 2016 Annual Report of the NHS Highland’s Director of Public Health investigated levels of loneliness across the Highland area. It found that whilst loneliness can be a problem across all age groups, it is a significant and growing issue particularly for older people because the risk factors for loneliness, such as bereavement, reduced income and poor physical health occur more frequently in older age. In the survey 75% of those older people living alone felt lonely with 80% of those living with a longterm health condition felt lonely. Loneliness is also a high risk factor for increased demand on NHS services and increased use of Accident and Emergency services

As a long-established charity, Morning Call works to provide a daily lifeline call service to older people living on their own with the aim of helping to reduce these high levels of loneliness experienced by the older people within our communities. The Visiting Service has also been providing befriending visits to housebound older people since 2008 and more recently we began offering a Housebound Library Service.

Between them, these three services help to make a significant difference to the lives of older people. In some instances, they have saved lives and alerted emergency services when calls have remained unanswered. Referrals to the service may come through GPs, social workers, neighbours, family and in some cases older people themselves contact us to receive one of the services. As one service user reported “I am grateful that I get a telephone call each morning so that I can tell someone I made it through the night and all is well”.